Bajan all the way

students go local

for world food day

Baked, fried, stirred, shaken, even dancing — bananas were served up in all forms this morning at the St. Luke’s Brighton Primary School as part of World Food Day celebrations.

The class four students were on a mission to utilise all Barbadian products in recognition of the day, so they chose one product in particular, banana, and challenged themselves to see how many dishes they could create using them.

With the help of their parents, they made delicious banana cupcakes, pickled bananas, banana juice mixed other fruits, banana scones, banana bread, banana bakes, fried bananas and even conkies which were wrapped in banana leaves.

Class four student Joshua Griffin told Barbados TODAY he enjoyed himself very much as he and his father prepared the banana juice. He said he loved the cooking process so much that while he was determined to become an investment banker he would also be a chef on the side.

Coordinator of the display, Anita Brathwaite, said the day was held as a way for the students at the St. Luke’s, St. George school, as well as their parents, to see the importance of healthy food and healthy eating.

Parents eagerly got involved when they were asked, she pointed out, adding that from early in the term parents came to her enquiring if the food day would be held once more.

“The parents prepared the items, a variety of dishes and beverages… They are very interested in what is happening.

“The main concern is we want the children to eat healthy foods at all time; we are trying to encourage them because sometimes we don’t know what is happening at home. We only know what we can see happening here but we are hoping that they continue at home,” she said.

One of the many parents who attended, Ricardo Boxill, said it was a good initiative. As a diabetic he too practised healthy living and encouraged other parents to do the same by purchasing healthier goods, while reducing their salt and sugar intake and encouraging their children to do the same. (KC)

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