Arthur: How much longer Freundel?

When will the promised Alexandra School report be made public?

That’s what Opposition Leader Owen Arthur wants to know.

He also asked when Prime Minister Freundel Stuart would also show leadership and ease the suffering of 35,000 CLICO policyholders.

“When is the country going to get the Alexandra School report that he promised because his leadership of the country now stands to fall or rise on that report; and will he tell our taxpayers if the evidence collected in that report can be used for everything, and if it can’t be used for any specific purpose, then will he give us the assurance that he is going to pay back the money because people are struggling,” Arthur said at the official opening of the Barbados Labour Party’s Christ Church South constituency office in Maxwell.

“When is Freundel going to come off his high horse and deal with the needs of the CLICO policyholders the 35,000 of our brothers and sisters whose lives have been put on pause, who cannot do what ordinary people do, see the future, see beyond the horizon and commit themselves to spending,” he asked?

Arthur said it was “becoming clearer and clearer that one of the central issues that we will have to deal with in this campaign is the crisis of leadership”. He announced his intention to lead the BLP’s quests to win all five Christ Church seats when the next general election is called.

Looking ahead

“I am happy to have the opportunity to renew my passion for constituency politics outside St. Peter and I have come to support the opening of this office because you must believe me when I tell you that we are looking forward, not just to a historic victory in Barbados, but we are also looking for a historic victory in Christ Church,” he said.

“To Barbados through Christ Church I want just simply to say ‘Gimme five and I will do the rest!’.” (SC)

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