'Victory is ours'

Victory at the next general elections is ours, but take nothing for granted.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart issued that rallying cry to hundreds of Democratic Labour Party members and supporters last night, saying those who thought the ruling party was “dead” would now get what they were “asking for”.

A tough talking Stuart, speaking at a joint meeting of the DLP’s three St. James branches at Queen’s College, said he and his colleagues had sat back and listened to all of their critics while concentrating on governing.

But despite being criticised repeatedly for the way the country was being run, Stuart said he was undaunted.

“I am not daunted by anything that I am hearing or anything that is being said, we are not daunted by anything that is being said. Our history has taught us that when the wicked, even our enemies and foes, encamp against us to eat up our flesh they always stumble and fall, so I am not worried about ,” he said.

“But I am amused by the fact that they actually thought that the Democratic Labour Party was dead. We were elected to office in January 2008; when a party is elected to government it is elected to govern and we spent the last four and a half years governing Barbados.

“As (former Grenada Prime Minister) Eric Gairy said many years ago, around 1979, sometimes you look through your kitchen window and you see the dog lying down on its back with all four feet in the air and you tell yourself ‘the dog is dead’. Don’t make that mistake, the dog is only sleeping. So they now have what they were asking for, the giant called the Democratic Labour Party has been awakened,” Stuart told his cheering audience.

The prime minister said he was not tired, and urged supporters to be prepared to defend the Government’s record to ensure victory at the polls was theirs.

“Comrades and friends we are ready. I don’t want anybody in this room to take anything for granted. We must work morning, noon, and night… I want you to know that it has been the pleasure of the Government … to have been of service to you and to be of service to Barbados in the way in which we have been in this very difficult period,” he stated.

“But I am only perspiring in here tonight because of the light, I am not perspiring because I am tired. We are not tired, we are ready to go on … and with your help and with your support we will meet at the rendezvous of victory.”

The DLP leader said for the last four and a half years his administration had not done much talking, preferring to concentrate on governing.

“David Estwick, Denis Kellman, Donville Inniss, Richard Sealy, Ronald Jones, … every single member of the Cabinet, … we all concentrated on governing because … when an election is called voters do not ask you how often you talk, they don’t ask you how often you call the call-in programmes either, they don’t ask you how many letters you wrote to the Press, they ask you ‘What have you done to make our lives better?’. And that is why we concentrated on doing,” he noted.

Stuart said he was confident that the party’s three St. James candidates, Ministers Donville Inniss and George Hutson and first time candidate Parliamentary Secretary Senator Harry Husbands would be victorious in St. James South, Central and North respectively. (SC)

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