Finish the race

This week I decided to write and dedicate an article to all of us who occupy a space on this planet. There is so much out there that has caused us to become despondent, discouraged and depressed that it is real reason for concern.

Suicide attempts, mental breakdowns and emotional issues are all things which were once thought of as something for “those other people” who couldn’t handle life, but which has now become more prevalent than ever before.

Let’s face it, times are hard and harder than they’ve ever been. We are no longer faced with the “pressure” of trying to buy things out of our “mauby pockets”, but our basic needs have now become a challenge. Some cannot pay their rent, and the supermarket shopping has become a matter of “eenie, meenie, minie and mo”.

It’s even worse when you have children and they have to be sent to school and fed and you do your best not to outwardly show how you are struggling to keep them in school by buying their school uniforms, shoes, text books and everything else which goes along with those things in order for them to receive their education.

Some people have had to sell their vehicles and resort to public transportation just to save enough money so they could eat. Houses have been sold in order to pay off debts and if that isn’t bad enough prices are forever on the increase.

What is also very worrying is the number of people who are losing their jobs. Companies just can’t afford to employ like they used to and more people are becoming unemployed and are extremely desperate.

With all of these factors contributing to our day to day lives, it is hard to see any ray of hope or any light at the end of the tunnel; as a matter of fact any light we see in relation to a tunnel looks like a train ready to hit us head on!

However, earlier this week I was heartened when I saw this picture below. It didn’t come with a story, I don’t know any of the gorgeous kiddies and neither do I even know the country where this was taken. All I know is that by looking at it a few things began to go through my mind.

First off, a race is about to start. The four competitors all have various expressions on their faces, but one thing is sure – a race will be run. Whether we like it or not we’re in this race called life and in order to get anywhere we have to move. We can’t afford to remain complacent and hopeless because if we do that we die; maybe not physically but surely spiritually and emotionally.

Secondly, we all have our challenges but it doesn’t exclude us from the race. As a matter of fact, sometimes we have to fight harder in order to accomplish a task, but in my opinion if life hits us hard, we need to hit back harder! Challenges are not going anywhere and when they continually put up a fight we need to ready ourselves to go into battle; because while we will not win them all, survival is the key.

One other thing of note is that two of our little athletes seem eager while the other two look somewhat reluctant. That’s okay – no one knows our story and no one knows our history and life experience, but we’re all in this together and the sooner we realise that the easier the race.

Sometimes we judge ourselves harshly when we look at others who seemingly have it all together and wonder how their life has turned out so perfect, but nobody has a perfect life. If they tell you so or behave in that way not only are they lying but they’re killing themselves; because when you refuse to live in your truth you lose your identity. You lose who you are.

Finally, we need to believe that once there is life there is hope. If we all sat in a room and began to share from our hearts I’m sure what we hear would cause us to see that life itself is a blessing. The very fact that we are alive, able to love and not six feet down in the earth means that not only is our time not up but we are meant to be here beyond the shadow of a doubt!

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes pain and hardships. We need to have faith that things will get better, because they will. Stop looking at what we lack and ask God to bless and use what we have. How about asking Him to show us how we can be a blessing to others? It’s amazing how different life looks when we focus on others as opposed to ourselves.

So yes, we are all made up differently and yes we have a race to run; but what is most important is that we finish the race and finish strong!

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