Equality for all levels

Community service schemes are all over Scandinavia, Holland and Germany. They do work and encourage a self respect and a greater respect for your nation, within the young forever.

And yet, all of these community events only work when the same governments that instigates such ideals, are willing to put equal wealth in all parts of society to accomplish a just and faithful outcome to such goals.

It is not good having such schemes if you are only going to help youth clubs in the wealthy areas of Barbados and not build a club in the poorer regions.

First build clubs and clean up the poorer regions of our nation.

Barbados is wealthy, but the few wealthy are greedy and will only give a ham or a chicken to their workers at Christmas and keep all their wealth in foreign nations, forgetting about their people.

As I walk through Scandinavia I find that within the poorer regions the people have good homes and are poor because they have slipped into drugs or that demon called alcohol — and have lost their way.

But the poor are housed. Their streets are cleaned with the same vigour as the rich areas. People take pride as they work. Barbados needs to instigate and practice equality for all levels, in all areas and in all aspects of the community. May God bless Barbados in Jesus’ name.

— Stephen Steele

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