Bragging rights to Bourne

Paul Bourne was the fastest yesterday.

Paul The Surfer Bourne closed off yesterday’s Motoring Club of Barbados’ Luke Hill /Lamberts, St Peter speed event with full bragging rights.

The top driver in his familiar Focus and driving in the M8-WRC group, Bourne had the fastest time of the day of 2.15.12 to win ahead of Roger The Sheriff Skeete in a Subaru in a time of 2.17.44. Third overall was Josh Read in a time of 2.21.12.

Bourne had times of 2.17.76 and 2.15.94 to compare with the consistent Skeete who had initial times of 2.20.66 and 2.18.04.

Their practice times gave an indication of what was to come, with Bourne clocking 2.21.72, while Skeete did a time of 3.06.

There was not much to separate the two four-wheel drive drivers and, if anything, their manoeuvring through the corners of the stage was the only thing that set them apart.

Both machines seemed to be working well, although Bourne’s appeared to come out of the corners with a tad more velocity than Skeete. But all in all it was a fine demonstration of driving by the two.

Read, though in the two-wheel drive category, drove at a feverish pace and lost nothing in comparison to the “heavier motors”. His fastest time of 2.21.12 was an impressive effort.

Finishing off the top ten were Ralph White (S10 group) in fourth position with a fastest time of 2.27.16; Rhett Watson (S11) in fifth with a fastest time of 2.28; Daryl Clarke (M7) in sixth place with a fastest time of 2.28.15; Neil Corbin (M6) in seventh position with a best time of 2.33.63; Jamal Brathwaite (M6) in eighth spot with a best posting of 2.34.08; Edward Corbin (M7) in ninth spot with a best time of 2.35.04; and Norman Catwell in tenth position with a time of 2.38.14.

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