Arthur: BLP award for PM

Official opening of Jerome Walcott’s constituency office yesterday.

He has been Prime Minister for the last two years, but Freundel Stuart has shown he is a much better “ditherer-in-chief”.

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur said the Democratic Labour Party leader had done such a bad job of running the country that “if it were possible I would ask the Barbados Labour Party to give Freundel Stuart the Grantley Adams Award as the person who has done the most for the Barbados Labour Party in the last year”.

He was speaking last evening at the official opening of the BLP’s Christ Church South constituency office in Maxwell.

“Our ditherer-in-chief Freundel Stuart has at last been brought out and aired and sometimes it might be better for a man not to say anything and let people think that he is a fool than to open his mouth and remove all the doubts, and Freundel is not disappointing us,” Arthur told supporters.

“The man says that we have awakened a sleeping giant, well we knew all along that he was asleep and there are some of us who felt he was dead, but if in fact he was asleep for the last two years he really ought to return the money to the Treasury, that he obviously by his admission now seemed to have been drawing under false pretences.”

Arthur also dismissed the Stuart’s reported assertion that “he will trample the Barbados Labour Party”.

“We will treat it with the same utter disdain and contempt as his own, when he said that heads will roll. And to the rest of Barbados I say to you that when Freundel says something you can believe the opposite, that when he says heads were going to roll we knew that fellows heads were safe,” the BLP leader stated.

“So that when Barbados is told that he is going to trample the Barbados Labour Party, and colleagues I am not asking you to be complacent, but you can be sure that the election victory is going to be large and overwhelming.

“The office of the Prime Minister of Barbados is a large place in terms of its role, but never before has anyone filled such a large space and left it so empty, that every time he speaks you feel that the office is being diminished and that the leadership that Barbados needs is now sadly lacking and that our biggest problem is not international recession it is a recession of leadership and that is what an important part of this election campaign will be about,” he added. (SC)

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