Weather for planting

Sienna Clarke watering the tree after Margaret Lady Graham planted it.

While many Barbadians were today complaining about the rain, the aunties, students and parents of PAREDOS capitalised on the weather and launched their “sow and grow campaign”.

Chairman of the board at PAREDOS, retired High Court judge Leroy Inniss, lauded parents for braving the weather not only to be with their children, but to teach them the importance of agriculture.

“This is ideal weather for what we are proposing to do. I think it is commendable that we teach our children the value of agriculture. We need to encourage them to get their hands dirty and plant some food,” Inniss said.

He added that many Barbadians did not give agriculture the respect it deserved and he was hoping that the students of PAREDOS, with the assistance of their parents, would know the value of agriculture, allowing the seeds planted this morning to bear fruit.

Many proud parents, armed with cameras rather than garden forks, took the opportunity to snap photos of their little one who were dressed as seeds.

After being welcomed by pre-schooler Chaeli-Danae Thorpe, parents and invited guests were also treated to a poem and song about plants and flowers in God’s garden.

After the brief ceremony they took to the outdoors where Lady Graham, ably assisted by Sienna Clarke and Joshua Ashby, planted a cherry tree at the Perry Gap day care and pre-school compound. (DB)

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  1. Jason October 18, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    I like seeing the children getting involved in the causes that will keep the earth alive and well. I’m also happy to see my family getting involved. That little girl in the picture is my cousin.


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