Stop the national polls

Let me start by saying that I do not believe the Nation/Cadres poll done in September 2012, which speaks of a six per cent swing away from the DLP and going to the BLP.

Harold Hoyte stated that if one accepted the poll, the conclusion would be that the BLP would win 21 seats and the DLP nine, and based on the margin of victory in 2008, Gregory Nicholls would beat Chris Sinckler, which simply will not happen. Nicholls is NOT Clyde Mascoll.

Cadres must do polls in constituencies and stop with the national polls which is more suited for proportional representation and not first pass the post systems. A party can win the general election with 47 per cent of the national vote because, at present, a party needs at least 16 seats to win a General Election in Barbados.

In short, a party can win 16 seats with a majority of less than 10 votes in each constituency and they will form the government, therefore, what takes place in each constituency is vital to the end results of any general election.

Peter Wickham said to me on his VOB programme that to do constituency polls will cost about $250,000, but I should point out that Carl Stone did constituency polls in Jamaica and the results was near perfect.

— Anthony T. Wiggins, JP

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