Grandmother beheaded

Residents at the scene of the crime. Inset, Phyllis Walters.

WESTMORELAND — A pall of gloom hung stubbornly over this rural community yesterday as residents tried to make sense of the beheading of 76-year-old Phyllis Walters, allegedly by one of her grandsons.

By mid-morning, Kevin Turner, 19, – said to be Walters’ favourite grandson – as well as the bloody knife, which he reportedly used to sever her head from her body, were taken into custody.

The grandmother had arrived in the island from Canada last Sunday to make preparations for the burial of her son, Fredrick Turner – Kevin’s father – who died in a motor vehicle accident earlier this month.

That funeral was scheduled to be held on Sunday.

Police say they were called to the community about 4:30 am yesterday after the accused reported to his older brother, Fabian Turner, that their grandmother was dead.

When the cops arrived at the house where Walters and her two grandsons lived, her body was found in a pool of blood with her head severed.

Kevin, who was still at the house when the police arrived, was handcuffed and carted off to a police lock-up.

His brother, Fabian, surmised that the death of their father was the root cause of his sibling’s “strange action”.

“From our father died, him started to act strange. He had stopped being himself; he was a different person. Everyday I would tell him that him should take his mind off it because our father is already dead and that he should not put it on his head,” said a tearful Fabian.

In the wee hours of yesterday, he said, he was greeted with the horrible news by Kevin, who had blood stains all over his clothes.

“About after five [o’clock] him (Kevin) come knock mi up and said ‘Fabian, wake up’. When I went outside I saw that his hands and feet were in blood, and him had a bent knife with blood over it, so I seh ‘Kevin, what were you doing?’ and him seh, ‘a chicken mi a kill’,” Fabian recalled, pointing out that on Wednesday his brother had helped his grandmother to slaughter chickens.

Fabian recounted that he hurried to the death house where he saw his grandmother’s headless body lying in a pool of blood in a section of the large living room. Her head was located a little distance away.

Sections of the living room and kitchen, he added, were splattered with blood.

Neighbours said that they heard “sounds” coming from the house about 3:00 am yesterday, but they thought it was a family quarrel. (Observer)

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