Football fixtures rained out

Heavy persistent rain created havoc with matches today in the David Thompson Memorial Constituency Councils Football Classic.

The showers resulted in six postponements of games involving St. Michael South East and St. James South, and St. Thomas and St. James Central at Bridgefield; St. Michael West Central and St. Michael South, and The City of Bridgetown and St. Michael West at Westbury; St. Philip West and St Michael Central, and St. Philip North and St. Michael North East at Hilda Skeene.

Games will be re-scheduled in the coming weeks and these teams will have to wait a little longer to add points to their tallies.

A decision will be made by tomorrow morning on whether games scheduled for tomorrow evening will be played.

Those matches are: St. Philip South vs St. Michael North West at Valerie at 6 p.m.; St. Michael South Central vs St. John at Valerie 8 p.m.; St. Michael East vs Christ Church East Central at James Bryan at 6 p.m.; St. George North vs Christ Church West Central at James Bryan at 8 p.m.

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