Eggs for All Saints

At least one local egg producer made sure he stamped his mark on World Egg Day today with a presentation of dozens of eggs to children and staff at the All Saints Primary School.

Wendell Clarke and Egg C pose for the cameras with two of the Reception pupils.

Managing Director of Star Chick, Wendell Clarke said the St. Lucy-based company had already formed a connection with the northern school through Eggy, the company’s egg mascot.

This morning, he introduced the children to Egg C, the other mascot’s cousin, as he sought to launch a new campaign targeting tourism, agriculture and youth.

He held a short session with more than 40 Reception pupils explaining the benefits of eggs and encouraging them by the presentations of several crates to take the eggs home to their parents so they could prepare nutritious meals for them.

“We decided to start with the young people because sometimes the older folk have this misconception that egg is not good for them and we don’t want that in these children’s heads. Children always know that egg is good for them, so we start from young. We are not leaving out the children at all,” he said.

His visit for World Egg Day, he confirmed, was becoming an annual event with the Pleasant Hall, St. Peter-based school, and it helped to continue to educate and encourage the use of eggs.

“I will talk to them about eggs, let them know that eggs are good for them and other facts about eggs and then give them eggs to take home. So they can go home and tell their parents that they got egg at school. We want to be friends with the children with eggs.

“We are sorry that we could not get around to all the schools today, but one day we will get there,” said Clarke.

Egg C entered the Reception classroom to a loud rendition of Happy Birthday, egged on by Clarke, who told the students that just as they had a birthday, today was such a special day for Egg C.

The colourful mascot then made presentations of eggs to students, including five year old Joniya Springer, as a birthday present, and four-year-old Brielle Hall-Alleyne, who smiled at the character.

Other students in the school who saw the mascot on the premises were also eager to meet him, some mistaking him for his cousin, Eggy whom they had met last year. (LB)

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