Christians want end to divisive campaigning

NASSAU — Bahamas Christian Council President Rev Dr. Ranford Patterson yesterday urged politicians to stop the mud-slinging in the North Abaco by-election campaign, claiming it is ripping apart families and tight-knit communities.

Patterson said political campaigns have sunk to an “all-time low” and added that if the practice of tearing down opponents does not stop the country will suffer for it.

“We are hearing about the fights and the nasty stuff that’s being thrown across the political divide,” Patterson said at a press conference at Cousin McPhee Church on Carmichael Road.


“The mud-slinging that I’m hearing coming out of North Abaco, I just think it’s unnecessary. The fact that we are trying to destroy people’s characters and the rest of it, I think, is unnecessary. We can have an election without doing that. I think we are sinking to a new low when it comes to our politics and I hope to God we would stop it.”

Patterson urged politicians and campaign workers to stop running negative campaigns and causing hardship to the island community.

“We would like to encourage those in North Abaco to recognise that after this by-election is over that they have to still remain in North Abaco, so it behooves all of them to understand that destroying one another’s character is not going to help to build North Abaco,”‚he said.

“We’re calling on the people of North Abaco not to allow anyone to cause them to break up relationships, family relationships, to the point where families are not speaking to each other.”

Patterson said he was not referring to tensions within any particular family in Abaco.

Victimisation claim

However, last week the stepmother of Renardo Curry, the Progressive Liberal Party’s North Abaco candidate, told a town meeting audience that the governing party victimised her husband, something she claimed ultimately caused his death.

Phillipa Rolle-Curry, who said she married Pastor Michael Lucian Curry in 1994, said his death in 2010 was the result of years of stress following his unjust termination from the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation in 2003. She also questioned why her stepson would align himself with an organisation which “victimised” his father. (Nassau Guardian)

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