Breakfast Egg Wraps

Chef John Hazzard’s Breakfast Egg Wraps with Kraft Monterey Jack Cheese


3 Whole Eggs, very lightly scrambled

1 ounce Chives, chopped

1 Tomato Wrap, grilled

1 Onion, tossed in olive oil, grilled and chopped

6 Fresh Tomato Salsa (tomatoes, cilantro, onions, lime juice, garlic, scotch bonnet pepper, olive oil)

2 leaves of Romaine Lettuce

? Tomato, halved and sliced

4 ounces Monterey Jack Cheese


1. Whisk the eggs together and lightly scramble adding the chives at the end.

2. Combine some of the Fresh Tomato Salsa.

3. Grill the Tomato Wrap and spread with the Tomato Salsa.

4. Place lettuce, slice tomatoes and scrambled egg on the wrap.

5. Sprinkle Monterey Jack Cheese.

6. Roll up the wrap and melt cheese in the oven.

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