Be approachable

Prefects performing their jingle.

One of the reasons the new batch of prefects at the St. John’s Primary School was selected, was their level of interaction with other students daily, said principal, Wendy Antrobus.

This morning, as the privileged 19, including the headboy, Mawali Knight, headgirl, Shonique Hinkson, deputy headboy, Rishad Brathwaite, and deputy headgirl, Gabrielle Carter, were installed in their new roles at the school in Glebe Land, St. John, Reverend Desmond Ward advised them to always remain approachable.

He told them that as prefects they should always conduct themselves in a manner that would invite others to turn to them if they needed help.

“If somebody needs help and they look at you and you look as though you have the world on your shoulders I am sure they will be willing to go to someone else,” he said.

“I will suggest again that you conduct yourself always approachable so that people will be willing to come to you as a prefect for your good advice.

“Where possible, try to practise good communication skills. This is the key to being approachable; whether it is to fellow students are your tutors, try to practise good communication skills.

“When you wear your prefect badge, wear it with pride but remember that you have been given a responsibility, a responsibility which you should take seriously. Other students will be looking up to you as an example so I think that it is important that you try to set a good example. I would suggest you be tidy, polite, courteous, helpful and approachable – and most of all, enjoy your time being a prefect.”

The students appeared delighted about being selected as new leaders of the school and pledged to become better people, while leading by example. (KC)SFlb

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