AG wants more recognition for small island states

The Universal Postal Union must pay more attention to the needs of Small Island Developing States like Barbados.

So said Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite, as he addressed the 25th Universal Postal Congress on October 7, in Doha, Qatar.

Adriel Brathwaite.

“If these vulnerable states are to keep pace with the global community in a systematic and sustainable manner,” he said, “their needs must be given prominence in the UPU’s economic, regulatory and development cooperation strategies.”

Brathwaite focused his remarks on the fourth goal of the Doha Postal Strategy, which pertains to fostering the sustainable development of the postal sector, as he encouraged the UPU to develop a clear strategic road map that took into consideration the special needs of SIDS including their susceptibility to environmental degradation, natural disasters, exploitation of fisheries resources and land-based pollution.


The Attorney General and his delegation also put forward a proposal on behalf of countries like Barbados which are considered to have graduated to industrialised country status as a result of high gross national income and postal development indicators.

The delegation pointed out that the island and other small states were being asked to perform at an optimum level in spite of such factors as fragile economies and susceptibility to natural disasters.

The officials requested that there be a special criterion applied to small islands and landlocked states in similar circumstances, thus taking into account their vulnerabilities rather than mandatorily entering them into the system used by the more highly developed countries.

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