18 years for hot temper

KINGSTON — A businessman, who shot at a security guard in a fit of road rage in the Corporate Area four years ago, was yesterday sentenced in the High Court Division of the Gun Court to 18 years imprisonment.

Leroy Fearon, who resides in Cave Hill Estates, St. Catherine, was sentenced to 15 years on a charge of shooting with intent and three years for illegal possession of a firearm.

But Fearon will serve 15 years only as Justice Lloyd Hibbert ordered that both sentences run concurrently.

The 47-year-old businessman was convicted last month.

Fearon, who is a licensed firearm holder, was convicted for shooting at the security guard who had hit his car at the intersection of Half-Way-Tree and Oxford roads.

Although Fearon is a licenced firearm holder, he was charged with illegal possession of a firearm as the weapon was used to commit an offence. (Observer)

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