Police lay down the law

There was another excellent round of pool over the weekend in the Mount Gay Silver 9 ball team tournament.

Undefeated Sherri Shepherd playing another top shot for Police Sports Club.

Police Sports Club continued their dominance in this round-robin stage of the competition, this time defeating Kangaroos Pool Club on Sunday, albeit it by a narrow six games to five margin.

Kangaroos must have thought they had it in the bag when they put their super sub, Rodney “Ragu” Moore, to play the tie breaking game.

Needing this game to have a better chance to qualify for the super 4, they found themselves hopping mad instead of jumping for joy, as crack shot policeman David Davis made light work of Moore winning the set by three games to one.

Having also lost by eight games to three to Eastern Sports Club on Saturday, Kangaroos will now have to rely on a mathematical miracle to qualify for the next round.

In stark contrast to Kangaroos, Technicians Sports Club have fought their way back to an almost certain spot. Starting the season with three straight losses they have won their last four games including a devastating nine games to one trouncing of The Saints on Saturday and then a thrilling eight games to three victory on Sunday over Defenders Pool Club, one of the best teams in the league.

Defenders Club boasts seven national team invitees in its line-up. Technicians would have to lose badly on Saturday against Crazy 8’s Sports Club not to once again qualify for the super 4.

In other games this weekend, Defenders hunted down the Q-Bandits and defeated them seven games to four and The Stars totally out-shone and then demolished Crazy 8’s by eight games to three.

Technicians will be hoping they can do the same this Saturday when they play Crazy 8’s at Nelson’s Arms 2 whilst Kangaroos will look to redeem themselves against Defenders at Boom’s Bar and Stars will hope to shine again against the Q-Bandits at Casablanca.

Regardless of the outcomes of their games, all the teams will head to Police Sports Club where there will be a Mount Gay Silver promotion after the game between Police Sports Club and The Saints. (PR)

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