Don't cheat yourself

You’re at school and you have this assignment to do. You decide you don’t want to do it just because and get someone to do it for you. Get back your marks and you see that you did well. Or did you? Now I could understand a situation where you’re caught up with something else, something of much importance of course, and you get a friend to do the assignment for you. But when you’re just being lazy is unacceptable. There are some courses which are hands on . . . might be dealing with computers so I would think that any assignment you’re asked to do is for the purpose of familiarising yourself with particular aspects you may very well have to use on a daily basis when you enter the world of work. I think you’re cheating yourself more than anything else. You’ve passed the course . . . you’ve graduated… you’ve got the job. And the first thing they ask you requires you to do exactly what that assignment was about. Yes I know that chances of this happening might be very slim but I’m sure you get my point.

Don’t cheat yourself. At the end of the day it’s only affecting one person . . . YOU!


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