Customer is always right

Have you ever walked into a business place or any institution for that matter and it just seemed like the people there really shouldn’t be. I for one have often went into a department store and have been met with the loudest and rudest attitudes you could imagine and sometimes the individual doesn’t even have to say anything its just the way they may respond, the abrupt answers, disdainful body language and of course the negligent and rude attitudes. Some of them may even throw in the classical rolling of the eyes. This type of behaviour is not restricted to only department stores but can often time be seen in almost all work places from banks to gas stations and also supermarkets.

Most customer service environments are unfortunately often plagued with individuals with these attitudes and these flaws are one of the main reasons for poor ratings and customer service satisfaction. The number 1 rule in the sales environment is that the customer is always right and for this to happen they must be treated in a way that allows them to know they are being catered to and with the utmost respect.

Awkward situations often happen in these business settings that often remind you that many individuals only commit to jobs for the income in order to survive in this life. The percentage of individuals who actually enjoy their job and do it for the love of it is way lower then it should be and this really needs to be examined. Simply because when a person loves what they do the service will always be exceptional and that is how it should be everywhere.


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