Stepping stone to greatness


Nahketa Harris is the final contestant in the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant to be highlighted. The countdown is on to the October 21 show, entitled Unstoppable! at the Plantation Garden Theatre. The organiser and the women are ready for tonight’s launch.

Why did you enter the Miss Big & Beautiful Competition?

Nahketa Harris

I entered this competition to win and be the next Miss Big & Beautiful 2012.

List three words that best describe who you are?

Loyal, Loving and Witty.

What words of advice would you give persons who would like to enter this competition but may be shy?

Use this opportunity as a stepping stone to overcome your shyness. You will meet others like you and those who are different as well, just remember, no two are exactly the same.

What would you say you have learnt from being in this competition?

I have learnt that this competition is not as easy as it may seem. It requires endurance, good time management and commitment.

Do you believe the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant encourages obesity and unhealthy living?

Not everyone can be a size two or 6 and learning to stand, walk and dance in heels is not something for the weak hearted, we also have to exercise to be fit and to keep up. Big can be healthy and Beautiful, variety is the spice of life and we are no different. So I would say no the pageant does not encourage unhealthy living or obesity.

What should the public expect from you on October 21st?

Beauty, elegance, style and intelligence. Just look for me to bring it and win the crown.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Finishing my studies at the Barbados Community College and pursuing my dream to a Child Care Centre. I also see myself educating, loving and nurturing my son to be the best he can be.

If you win the title what do you see yourself doing for the year you will reign?

I see myself educating others about self acceptance and tolerance of others.

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