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Officials discussing plans for the National Entrepreneurs’ Summit.

Barbados must dispel the misconception that entrepreneurs are people who can’t find a job.

This was the advice of Chairman of the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation, Peter Boos, as the organisation prepares to host the third National Entrepreneurs’ Summit on November 16 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

“Entrepreneurship is not about finding something to do if you have nothing else to do. It is not an alternative to working in the Civil Service, becoming a lawyer or doctor or accountant. That is one of the important messages we want to convey.

“Entrepreneurship must be as respected and as desired as a career path. You can be an entrepreneur in any sphere… So entrepreneurship is not about people who cannot find work,” said Boos.

He noted that entrepreneurs were driven individuals with a passion for a particular thing, adding that looking to such people with ideas and creativity should be a model which the island was pursuing for its entrepreneurs.

“I think we could match a lot more people who have really good ideas, who are really creative but just need the kind of financial and business knowledge to help them make a go. I think that is the model I see us going into more and more,” he said.

The BEF noted that this year’s summit would have a different format from previous events, with workshops specifically geared to address certain needs of participants, in addition to the featured/keynote speakers.

Programme Manager, Christopher Harper said the response already had been good, even as main sponsors Virgin Atlantic, Digicel and the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation spoke of the support they were providing to the event this year.

Harper said: “In terms of response over the years, the first summit was fantastic. Last year we had a good turnout as well, so the interest is still there. We’ve been soft launching for the last two weeks and we already have 20 per cent of tickets sold since launch date, which is a pretty good indicator.” (LB)

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