Love yourself!

The Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant will be coming in full force to the Plantation Theatre on October 21st under the theme Unstoppable. Five beautiful full figured women will grace the stage in Introduction, Casual, Talent, Lingerie and Formal Wear.

Every year many persons ask me why I do it as they can see the stress is puts me under. I love to see the transformation of the contestants from their first interview with us until the night of the competition. It truly is a sight to behold. Some of them are so shy when they meet us and then on the night you see a totally different person. This transformation occurs because they truly begin to love themselves and accept themselves for who they truly are.

Haven’t you ever done something that may be strange to others but you just do it for the love of it? I surely have. I always recommend anyone to do what you truly love, regardless of what others will say. Life is too short to stress on what others think of you. Do you, is what I always say. In this island of Barbados we will always meet persons who will always have something negative to say when you are trying to do something positive. So what should you do? Just give up because you meet opposition? I think not!! I always say if you do good they talk, if you do bad they still talk, so why bother?

If I worried about what others thought of my competition I would have given up years ago and I would not be at this moment celebrating nine years of pageantry. Many persons believed that this pageant encouraged person to be overweight and unhealthy and that was never the case. The pageant encourages persons to love themselves regardless of their size. No one is created alike and regardless of how many diets or gyms that exist there will always be persons of size. So what should these full figured persons do stay in their house and hide for the rest of their lives? People need to really get educated with the makeup of the human body and realise that all persons who are big do not eat unhealthily.

I see on a day to day basis what this pageant has done for full figured women in Barbados. Many boutiques that once catered for the average size now carry a full figured line. Full figured women are now beginning to love themselves and dressing more appropriately to suit their figure and I dare to say that when a full figured lady dresses her best she is simply beautiful.

Just remember to always be true to yourself and embrace your uniqueness. There will never be anyone like you in this world as you are unique. Continue to believe in yourself and your abilities and never let anyone deter you from following your dreams. Make today and every day a big & beautiful day in the way you dress, your walk, your thoughts but most of all your smile!!

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