Healthy eating lesson


Students of the Maria Holder Nursery School received a lesson in healthy eating this morning from Minister of Education Ronald Jones.

He visited the school to plant a custard apple tree and unveil a plaque in recognition of the 50th anniversary of free universal education in Barbados.

When Jones asked the little ones why trees were planted, with hands raised some enthusiastically shouted: “Because we need food!”

The little ones appeared very excited as he explained to them the importance of planting trees. The minister said that the growth of children through education and the growth of trees were linked and were important, adding that it was necessary that, like the trees, their education also grew.

“This tree belongs to all of you,” he told them, adding that when they reached adulthood they should return to see the extent of its growth.

While the tots said they did not know what a custard apple was, many admitted they liked golden apples and sugar apples — but with English apples being the number one choice.

“Regardless of what fruit you eat,” the minister said, “you must eat fruits to keep your bodies strong — you must eat your fruits. It is an important source of minerals and vitamins…,” he said as he and the children flexed to show their strength, the result of eating fruit. (KC)

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