Fence fray

Roberta Straker (left) one of the neighbours affected by the new boundaries of her property listens to another resident who expresses her disgust.

An attempt by a resident to erect a fence around her home in Mt. Friendship, St. Michael, has aroused the ire of her neighbours.

Police had to be called in after workmen marked out the area to be fenced and dug the holes for a 14-foot gate.

While the foreman of the job produced a title deed “to show” that he and his workman were working within the boundaries of his employer’s property, resident in the district for more than 35 years, Roberta Straker, complained the fence would encroach on her land.

Straker told Barbados TODAY she had constructed a wall structure within the limits of her land mark to stem the flow of water during heavy rain. She also produced her title deed to show that she was well within the boundaries of her property.

The police sergeant in charge of the squad who responded to the call suggested that disputing parties engage the services of land surveyors to clearly mark out the boundaries of the properties.

However, Straker and other irate residents complained that if construction of the fence continued, six or seven households would be cut off from ambulance, fire, police and other emergency services.

Another resident who joined in the protest said: “I wonder if this woman understands that several young children live in those houses and if vehicular traffic is denied access to those homes their lives could be in danger in an emergency.”

A resident who lives to the north of the property where the fence is being erected identified his landmark and that of the other resident, noting that all that would be left to allow them access to their homes would be a footpath.

Sources explained that the problem had been simmering for the past 12 years. He warned that if action was not taken to have the issue resolved soon, the dispute could turn violent. Several persons in the crowd that assembled on the scene today hurled abuse at the workmen, a clear indication of the escalating tempers.

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