Call centre by November

By next month, LIME’s transfer of its call centre from St. Lucia back to Barbados should be completed.

CEO Alex McDonald said yesterday on the fringes of a Government/LIME consultation on information communication technologies at Hilton Barbados: “We are cutting over slowly from St. Lucia, so we expect by November to be fully over here.

“A call centre just doesn’t up and go one day, it has to transition and that is in process. We have a remarkable company called Talus that is working with us. Talus is one of the foremost leaders of call centre management out of Canada and they are helping us to deliver the call centre here.”

McDonald said he was happy that they would be able to employ about 70 people through the reopening of a call centre here, which they also hoped would provide a better experience for the customers.

“One of the critical things that our customers had complained about was that they did not like calling overseas for a local issue. Some people have said that is narrow-minded but it resonates with us. I like to know I am calling someone who understands what I am saying and … what I am talking about in relation to where I am. I am hopeful that that will be another thing to let our customers know that every day we listen and we react,” he stated.

They had no intention in running from criticism, McDonald stressed, noting that the company tried as often as possible to answer question and respond to issues posted on their Facebook page or elsewhere. Criticism, he said, too was often a representation of how important people considered the service to be.

Additionally, the LIME head said that meetings with the union over issues that had arisen recently were ongoing.

“We’ve met with the union again and we will continue to meet, to consult, to work with our partners in the union movement, the workers’ union, to do what is right for not only the company, our workers and the nation.

“The relationship is one of dialogue, one of consultation. I think it is as every family has that you go through periods where you strongly agree and periods where you strongly disagree and periods where we half-agree and don’t, but I think through constant dialogue and consultation we can achieve almost everything,” he stated. (LB)

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