Teaching tourism

Managing Director of the Crane Residential Resort, Paul Doyle chats with primary school students during a sit-in session in the Zen restaurant.

Students of the St. Catherine Primary School in St. Phillip now have a better understanding how the tourism business works and what it takes to be successful.

Following a tour of the Crane Residential Resort, the students were fortunate to benefit from an interactive learning session, conducted by Managing Director Paul Doyle.

Doyle, an experienced and successful tourism professional, fielded a range of questions from the Class 3 students and informed them that Barbados had some unique attributes that encouraged persons from around the world to visit the island.

Himself a former primary school teacher in Canada, Doyle further urged the students to pay attention in school and also told them that perseverance, a willingness to learn and honesty were essential qualities in any area of endeavour.

Class teacher Cheryl Pierce said the 18 students who toured the Crane were able to take away a load of information and first-hand experiences that will assist them in completing class projects.

Pierce also disclosed that tourism awareness was being integrated into Social Studies and Science programmes at the St. Catherine Primary School.

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