Rekindling Ranger Guides

by Katrina Brathwaite, Ranger Advisor

Whatever became of the Ranger Guides of the Girl Guides Association of Barbados? These days the rekindling efforts are ignited with the mission of working together to gather more females from 14 to 25 years old.

Some may remember the Sea Ranger girls with their sailor hats, aquamarine scarves and whistles or even the Land Rangers. Nostalgic for those who remembered sailing on the seas, camps, services at the older Kensington Oval and trips to Martinique.

Since 1999, the two programmes were merged and more Caribbean flavor was added to create the Caribbean Ranger Guides. The Section has been active and some aspects of “the sea” still remain, such as swimming, kayaking, coastal and other water-related activities to name a few.

The programme at this stage of Guiding focuses on creating young women who can blossom beyond their potential by encouraging them to set and achieve their goals, think for themselves, fulfil their responsibility to be of service to their community and help the environment.

Developmental areas

The Ranger Guide sets her goals in five developmental areas – Spiritual Enlightenment, Physical Activities, Economic Empowerment, Social Processes and Political Awareness. The programme is structured in such a way that she can also achieve milestones in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Her Unit is also expected to complete a community service project and an environmental project every year.

There are three Ranger Guide Units in Barbados and more will soon be starting. You will find these groups and their leaders every month at the following locations:

* Coleridge and Parry School – the first Friday at 3:00pm

* St. Philip Parish Church Hall – Saturdays at 2:30pm

* Girl Guides Headquarters – the second and last Saturday at 4:00pm

For more information email or call the Girl Guides Headquarters at 426-2202.

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