Borrow at what cost?


Opposition Leader Owen Arthur is questioning the $66 million loan being sought by Government from the Inter-American Development Bank.

Arthur raised this concern on Sunday night while speaking at the nomination of St. Michael North East MP, Mia Mottley, at Tyrol Cot, Spooner’s Hill, St. Michael.

The St. Peter MP said: “I came here to speak about that because it is a serious matter. In 1994 David Thompson tried to win an election on the basis of the nonsense that I had cut a secret deal with the International Monetary Fund.

“The Democratic Labour Party has this way of dealing in reverse psychology. They are trying to win the election not only by spending, but by making you feel that we in the Barbados Labour Party want to cut things and we want to send home 10,000 people as if you are unintelligent.”

Arthur recalled that Minister of Health Donville Inniss had already cut spending by the Barbados Drug Service, forcing pensioners to pay towards their medication.

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