Boost from buckets

Leisha McCartnie and Linda Lewis.

On Saturday Carter’s added a sightly different flavour to its support effort for the Barbados Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week. The theme for this year was “Fill it, Don’t spill it”.

Wheelbarrows, tote boxes and plant pots were the containers of choice since, as Managing Director Michael Edwards put it “People can only use so many buckets”. Edwards was nonetheless very pleased with the support Carter’s customers continued to give to the effort.

The fund-raiser idea had been prompted by the efforts of Dr. Shirley Jhagroo to raise awareness on the prevalence of breast cancer and an appeal for support of the Cancer Society.

Touched by her appeal Carter’s reached out to the Cancer Society with the idea of the first bucket sale five years ago. The company, as he put it, felt compelled to join the effort to raise awareness and contribute to the cause.

The initial activity included the sale of buckets for $15 each and an additional offer 20 per cent off anything a customer could fit into the bucket. The offer is still storewide with the exception of cement. In all instances Carter’s then handed over all the proceeds from the sale of buckets to the Cancer Society.

Edwards was especially pleased to see so many men coming in asking for the buckets and grabbing one or even two before diving into the store.

Greater effort

Additionally he is also pleased to see Barbadians as a whole making a greater effort in health awareness and insists that Carter’s will continue to play its part.

This sentiment was echoed by Marketing Manager Bruce Hurley, the man who coordinates the effort between Carter’s and the Cancer Society. On Saturday he was proudly aware that air conditioning was working harder and trying to keep pace because of the increased flow of customers. Between giving oversight to sales staff and prompting customers to grab a plant pot he explained that they wanted to keep the effort fresh and put a different spin on it this year. Fill it, don’t spill it was the result.

He sees it as worthy cause, since mother’s, as he put it, are the backbone of society and Carter’s would be remiss not to get involved. He further explained that Carter’s is pleased to make the double dip of pledging $15 for every plant pot, tote box or wheelbarrow and then giving a 20 per cent off incentive to shoppers.

Bruce was also pleased with the full store effort and proud to see cashiers sending customers back to pick up a plant pot or grab an extra item and secure the 20 per cent saving as well as make an indirect donation to the cause.

To bring a little more excitement to the day Carter’s reached out to Little Pink Gift Foundation, a registered charity. Linda Lewis was in store on Saturday and explained that they primarily give financial assistance for diagnosis or treatment, offer emotional support through their Support Circle and Bosom Pals Network and also raise awareness and offer education on Breast Cancer among women in Barbados.

She was pleased with the customer support so far and expressed gratitude to Carter’s for stepping forward and offering such explicit support. She is also looking forward to next year’s event and has the assurance from Edwards and Hurley both of whom insist that Carter’s intends to work with the Cancer Society for the long haul. (TT)

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