A tactical approach

A quote from the newspaper: “CTUSAB president Cedric Murrell…has revealed that it will soon be approaching Government to have its annual subvention increased.”

Well get used to being a “very poor organisation,” Mr Murrell. CTUSAB will not receive one additional cent of taxpayers’ money until public workers are able to secure their long overdue wage and salary increases.

Sir Roy, of the BWU, only last week acknowledged his union is adopting a “conciliatory position” in the collective bargaining process with Government, for its members. Some say this is a responsible and mature approach, but I think such maturity should have been adopted years ago. His present move, in the interest of saving jobs, is tactical at best in the wake of pending elections. The union boss’ political affiliation is well-documented.

If public workers are feeling the weight in these tough economic times and have literally got poorer in the process, why does CTUSAB believe it is entitled to an increase in its Government subversion at this time? Don’t you think your organisation should also hold strain like everyone else and ride out the recession?

?TUSAB should seek to reduce spending and manage as best it can until better can be done. Good budget line items to start eliminating would be entertainment at expensive restaurants and unnecessary overseas travel.

– Carl Harper

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