Word from Africa

The World Scout Movement is divided into six Regions for easier administration. The regions are Inter-american, Africa, Arab, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia and Europe. The Africa Scout Region has been recognized as an excellent contributor and partner in the development of the core values for the citizens of these African states. Below is an article which showcases national political leadership and recognition of the Scouts contribution in the development of the people of Africa.

“On 13th March, 2013, the Scout fraternity from all corners of Africa, under the auspices of the World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional Office will celebrate the Africa Scout Day. Each of the 37 National Scout Organisations in Africa will conduct a programme revolving around a theme that will be announced soon. However, the main event will be hosted by Ethiopia.

March 13 was declared Africa Scout Day by the Council of Ministers of the Organisation of African Unity meeting in its 62nd Ordinary Session Addis Ababa in Ethiopia on 21st – 23rd June 1995. The council recognised that the Scout Movement was the largest movement for the young people, a movement that has proved its mettle in the area of education and moulding of young people, as well as in training of adults, hence the decision to have a day to honour the Scout Movement.”

After recognising that the Barbados Boy Scouts has served the youth of Barbados for more than 100 years, it should be fitting for the government of Barbados to officially designate March 9 annually as Barbados Scouts Day. In essence, this would be the national award with which every Scout and adult volunteer can identify.

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