Strike Force sink Settlers 3-0

Ryan Griffith of Top Bay Settlers is held back by John Hawkesworth of Strike Force.

National footballer Carl Joseph turned on the class yesterday as Strike Force dismissed Top Bay Settlers 3-0 as action in the Lime Pelican Football Challenge continued at Kensington Oval.

Now seemingly fully recovered from a niggling injury that affected him during the recent Caribbean Football Union’s Caribbean Cup leg in Barbados, Joseph was a constant thorn in the sides of Top Bay, finding the back of the net as early as the third minute of the first half.

With a bit more fortune, Joseph seemed capable of adding to this tally on several occasions in that first half. However, it was Dwayne Mars who would add to Top Bay’s misery when he made it 2-0 at the stroke of half- time.

The second-half provided more of the same dominance for Strike Force, though they did squander a few other scoring opportunities. Then in the 78th minute Joseph put the icing on the cake with his brace. They controlled most of the play in the mid-field, and often shut down the few offensive forays made by Top Bay’s front-line that lacked imagination going forward.

Following their drawn encounter with 360 Connection last month, Galaxy entered their match against TS Strikers hoping to go one better but came out the losers by a 2-1 margin despite a spirited effort.

There were a few chances for both teams but Strikers showed a tad more composure in front of goal. Carlos Nicholls opened the scoring for Strikers in the 49th minute and two minutes later team-mate Jamal Chandler added to Galaxy’s troubles.

Down by two goals, Galaxy tried their best to get back in the game but found Strikers’ defence steadfast at every attempt. They showed their frustration at times with some clumsy fouls that resulted in yellow cards for Damien Edwards, Brian Husbands and Marlon Greaves. However Galaxy’s perseverance paid off, if only too late, when in the 91st minute Kareem Frederick got a consolation goal.

A late 83rd minute goal from Reno Shepherd earned Combined Stars a very important 1-0 victory over the Red Snappers.

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