Reshaping YouTube

Despite Google earning nearly $2 billion a year in YouTube advertising revenue a year one would think they would expand but at a slow steady rate as no one is immune to the global recession. Well like me you’d also be wrong to assume this, in fact Google is continuing to expand and along so very interesting lines. In addition to the already estimated US$100 million sank into creating original programming, Google is about to advance further funds to content producers like Jamie Oliver and Michael Cera to create 60 new original channels in France, the UK, Germany and the US.

The idea, according to the usual anonymous sources, is that Google will reshape the home of Keyboard Cat or “Gangnam Style” breakouts into a television network of sorts. With different channels offering different topics with majority of them featuring “several hours of professionally produced original programming a week.”

This will still not come close to the to the raft of footage that YouTube’s amateurs put out, of course, and it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen Google invest in original work, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t very interested in this. Now if you’re wondering about major networks coming on board with Google, well The BBC has started the ball rolling coming on board with not one but two channels. BBC has announced that it will be partnering with Google’s video service presenting a nature channel, with content coming from its BBC Earth Productions unit, and a science channel featuring Top Gear presenter James May “and his crack team of scientists.” The new portals will come online in 2013, and “Auntie Beeb” has also redesigned its six current YouTube stations and added new clips from Top Gear (season 18) and other original programs, too.

Which brings into question the thought of streaming content and how wide spread it is becoming, Digital market places like the iTunes Store and Google Play have changed the way in which we purchase or movies, tv shows and music. But now it seems a new swing is in the air, and yes while services like Netflix and Hulu Plus have certain don’t a lot to promote streaming TV shows and Movies, is this really the way forward? Will additional players like Amazon and now YouTube further fight for the streaming media services cause? Or is this just a phase? Maybe it’s something worth discussing next week, stay tuned and tell me what you think.

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