Put people first

What Barbados faces, and by extension the people of St. Michael North East, will go beyond simply defeating the Democratic Labour Party and government in the next general elections.

Parliamentary representative for St. Michael North East, Mia Mottley, voiced this concern on Sunday night shortly after winning the nomination unopposed to be the Barbados Labour Party’s candidate for the constituency at Tyrol Cot, Spooner’s Hill.

The outspoken politician said: “To build up this country, and to build up the lives of you, the people of St. Michael North East, is going to require an extraordinary commitment, not just for those of us who are candidates of the BLP, but from each and everyone of you as people of Barbados. So I stand tonight to thank you, the people of St. Michael North East. And I start from this position because I know the sentiments, the commitment the feeling, the passion that all of my early supporters and canvassers had not just, for Mia Mottley, but for the Barbados Labour Party. That is why this nomination is against this backdrop here this evening. For let there be no doubt, you will have to put me out of this party, my naval string is here. And I say that without fear of contradiction, because if you do not stand for something in life, you will fall for anything.”

Mottley recalled that between 1991 and 1994 the people of St. Michael North East knew what it was like to have a representative who did not put the people of the constituency first.

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