Not fair and balanced

The Nation newspaper has really come down in the world of fair and balanced journalism. This once proud paper has allowed itself to be exploited as the PR flank of the Jeff Broomes’ offensive.

To an unacceptable extent the Nation has become Jeff Broomes’ own log-book with its constant highlights of his self-serving theatrics, its ever-ready facilitation of his every staged grandiose gesture, its disappointingly shallow editorials, its ever-so-big empty interviews devoid of substance (to identify just a few examples) ….

The Nation can, by no stretch of the imagination, claim to be fair and balanced on this issue, unless, of course, it is prepared to mimic the modus operandi of the very gentleman whom it endorses.

Omissions are just as revealing as commissions. Which one of us can fail to note what the Nation has NOT done? The disparity between the Nation’s publication of pro-Broomes and/or anti-Union sentiment and that supporting the Union and the separation of this character from the Office of Principal of the Alexandra School tells its own tale. Its conduct in this whole affair makes a mockery of its parent’s Aspiration Statement to be “the most credible and authoritative source of news”.

Fuh trut’? BARE JOKE!! A great many people have acknowledged that both the Barbados Advocate and Barbados TODAY ran circles around the Nation’s coverage of the Commission of Enquiry, specifically, and this entire affair, generally.

The Nation’s role in this entire issue has been found wanting by many. I, and quite a number of others, have made the decision to stop buying this daily Barbadian publication of One Caribbean Media. Such an action may mean absolutely nothing to this powerful Trinidad corporation but it remains the one means of protest I have left as an ordinary Barbadian.

-Maria Skinner

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