A tourism heritage project that could cost as much as $3 million, has been planned for Three Houses in St. Philip.

The Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations is behind what it called, the Barbados Labour Memorial Project, which General Secretary, Dennis De Peiza told a news conference at its Solidarity House headquarters this afternoon, had its origins back in 2000, but never got off the ground. He said the venture would comprise a museum and park, which CTUSAB proposed to link to a tourism heritage initiative as well.

CTUSAB’s General Secretary explained that the project would showcase the work, from a historical point of view, of the sugar industry over the years. He noted, for example, that machinery from the factories would form part of the displays in the museum and park.

He pointed out that when the project was first conceptualised 12 years ago, the proposed cost was about $1.5 million, but suggested that this figure would have doubled by now.

De Peiza told reporters that CTUSAB would not be able to bear the financial burden of the initiative alone, and was therefore approaching the Government for grant funding.

“The Barbados Labour Memorial Project is a concept which showcases the work through the years of our sugar industry, therefore we want to be able to reflect, historically, on what [and] where we came from and where we are. Our growth has always, … significantly, been driven by the sugar industry itself, as you would appreciate,” he added.

“But we have been able now, to tie that project, not only as a historical project sugar industry wise, but as a tourism project and a heritage project, because we will be bringing out the gears from the factories, some of them have already been sources and stored for years.

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