Education and health care rumours denied

St. Michael North East MP, Mia Mottley, has denied claims by Minister of Health Donville Inniss, that the Barbados Labour Party wants to take away health care and education from the people of Barbados.

“You know in your heart that no political party in a post-Independence Barbados is going to sacrifice anybody in relation to public health care or public education because that is not part of the ethos that is associated with Barbadians. No political party will do it. It is easy to say so and hope that a rumour catches. Well you know me, I am here to show you that I can even withstand the nastiest of rumours — and we will withstand this one again,” Mottley said last night while speaking at her nomination meeting at Tyrol Cot, Spooner’s Hill.

The former deputy prime minister had earlier condemned a decision by the Freundel Stuart Administration to deny health care to some non-nationals who had been living and working in Barbados for over 25 years without having their status regularised.

“We need to deal with health care. There are numbers of people in this constituency who come from St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Guyana who have been living in Barbados, but particularly St. Vincent in Hothersal Turning and Jackson, living here 25 to 30 years and cut a lot of canes in this country. Some of them worked at Lear’s Plantation for 40 years and these people who have

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  1. Tony Waterman September 5, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    Sorry Mia, I can’t be with you on this one. I live in Ottawa, Canada, and i know of quite a few West Indians who are in the same Position as those who you are saying have cut a lot of canes and worked at Lears Plantation, well!!! Blaming the Inept Freundal Stuart Administration for their plight will not pass muster, what should be done is that now that everyone including You seems to be aware of their Plight, steps should be put in place to “””SPEEDILY””” alleviate that problem. if we go back a few Months age this came to light when the SISTER of one of the Past PM’s of St. Lucia was found to be living Under quite a bit of Duress after being in Barbados for over 50 years. SO LET’S ALL STOP THE BLAMING AND SWING INTO ACTION TO REMEDY THIS AWFUL SITUATION.


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