15 years of success

lester vaughan celebrates milestone

Lester Vaughan School students were today implored to celebrate the outstanding work of the institution as it recognises its 15th year.

The call came from Reverend Ezra Barker as he addressed the Founder’s Day Service this morning in the hall of the Cane Garden, St. Thomas school.

“This special milestone offers an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding work which has been taking place here, whether it has been innovative teaching, creative learning, special education, or student performance. Along the way, the work and performance of this institution has energised and strengthened the educational community and the society as a whole across Barbados and I applaud its success and the dedicated efforts of its staff to advance quality education for all students,” he said, wishing the school more years of success.

The first principal recalled the early days of Lester Vaughan School, even before it received its first students, when it was without trees and construction was still going on.

He noted that the school had a legacy of Christian worship and teaching, which was part of its heritage from the time the school began.

“History will show that by the actions of the school, love of fellowmen and women, justice and fair play and the concepts of right and wrong are all instilled in each student entering this school.”

Likewise, the religious man said academic excellence was also a major part of the school’s history, as was sporting triumphs.

The morning’s ceremony saw presentations from past and present students in song and poetry, as well as a donation of a printer by the Old Scholars Association to the school’s senior student body.

President of the Association, Chad Burrowes, said it was something they noted was needed to help students complete SBAs and other work on time and they collected the funds to make the purchase.

He said as part of the 15-year observance, there were also a number of activities being planned by the Association on behalf of the school, to truly celebrate the milestone. There were sporting matches, games and a large reunion in the works, he added. (LB)

(Photographs are compliments of teacher Wendell Parris)

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