Ongoing training for principals needed

Vice-President of the Public Primary School Principals, Sandra Small-Thompson, maintains that there should be on-going training for principals.

Small-Thompson, expressed this view earlier today while addressing the Third Annual Professional Principals’ Conference at the Accra Beach Hotel.

Adapting to changes

The principal of St. Paul’s Primary said: “The dynamics of the school environment is constantly changing. We have to be ready to adapt to the changes. One of the changes is the new technology. Students as we knew them years ago are different. Perhaps it is because of the access to technology and the global village in which we now live. It is fast paced and therefore teachers must be ready to respond and work effectively in such a changing environment. The principal must be able to lead the process.”

Stressing that she had no interest in down playing the role being played by university in the training of minds, the educator argued that principals may not acquire the skills in a formal university environment.

Small-Thompson said; “The actual execution of the role of principal is not done in a class-room setting, but in collaboration at seminars and workshops and interactions of principals from diverse experiences not limited to Barbados.”

The educator argued that inviting educator, Michael Chirichello, from New Jersey, was good, but the practical experience was extremely important.

She said: “Principals have got to read widely; must belong to professional groups where they can share ideas and thoughts. As a group we learn from each other.”

Quick fix

Taking a critical look at today’s students, the educator said: “A lot of students today do not have the patience to sit and read. They do not have the patience for things that take time to work through. They want a quick fix, but there are some things that take time to work through and understand the concept.” (NC)

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