Too much hate in America

I am writing this before the first debate between President Obama and challenger Romney. Yes, President Obama will win the election but America will be sweeping up the pieces. Why do I say this?

There has been so much absolute hate by some Americans for President Obama that the country has been shattered. What they (the hate mongers) don’t realise is that hate like love is a feeling and it is also an energy, a negative energy. By putting so much hate energy into the atmosphere it affects the air, the water, the land and the crops that grow in the land. It affects relationships and reason; it also leads to physical illness.

But you know, those hate-filled Americans will probably give you different reasons for the hatred they have for the President, a man whom I am sure 99.999 per cent have never met, yet I am sure that the simple reason is because he is a black man in the white house. As we all know they started their very active negative campaign from the day of his inauguration.

Next time around can we hope that they won’t need ‘all the king’s horses and all the king’s men’ to put America together again because all will show and claim only love. This love can change not only America but also the world.

– Michael Rudder

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