Recognising residents

If you were not present at the grounds of the Andrew’s Sugar Factory last Saturday, then you missed being part of a historic, exciting event, hosted by the St. Joseph Parish Independence Committee.

From around 8 a.m. members of the committee, Parish Ambassadors, Kimberley Knight and Rommell Marshall, their Attendant Caroline Woodroffe-Holder along with scores of residents gathered for the community painting of a mural of the individuals selected as “Josephine Legacies”.

Based on their theme this year, The A – Z of Josephine Legacies: Crafting and Budding our Communities, the Committee embarked on a project aimed at recognising a selection of residents for their positive impact on the development of the parish. Persons were chosen through a nomination and research process from a variety of categories including agriculture, fishing, religion, education and community service.

Approximately 45 persons gathered to participate in the mural painting event, supervised by two artists from the parish, Sammawah Downes and Malachi Holdipp. Together, the group made up of Girl Guides, Brownies, Cub Scouts and other community members put their artistic talents into action and by 11 a.m. had successfully completed the painting of the mural.

The grounds of Andrew’s factory will be the home of the mural for 28 days after it has been mounted, accorded to the permission granted by the Town and Country planning department. The Committee is also actively seeking a permanent home for the mural after this period.

The unveiling of the mural will take place on Saturday 6th October at 4 p.m. at Andrew’s factory one of the many activities planned by the Committee during its October month of celebrations.

All residents of St. Joseph and any other interested persons are welcomed to share in this special activity.

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