MESA wants more men


Principal of the St. Leonard’s Boys School, Joseph King in discussion with Boyce, (centre) as his wife looks on.

The Men’s Educational Support Association is not attracting as many men as they would hope but they are not deterred.

Chairman, Ralph Boyce, told Barbados TODAY that they have developed initiatives to garner the support of younger men, one such programme was called A New Crop.

In the project, they would comprehensively reach out to other men’s fellowship programmes in hope of the continued support of men. They were also determined to reach boys in primary and secondary schools because, as he said, that was where many of the problems began. The main one being a sense of inferiority.

“We want to have more of a presence within schools especially those boys in coeducational institutions. They have issues that are a little different to the boys in all-boys schools. All-boys schools are better off because they don’t have anybody to laugh at them if they make errors and that is a major problem within a lot of the coed-schools.

“A lot of the boys feel embarrassed, in all boys schools boys compete against each other but in co-ed schools sometimes in all the classes the girls are coming sometimes first, second, third. They can compete but a lot of times they compete badly”.

He added that one of the reasons why boys competed badly against girls was because of the Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance Examination. He said that at age 11 a lot of the girls were more mature than the boys.

“Although chronologically they are 11, you notice even in terms of physical development that a young lady at 11 is much more of a woman than little boys at 11” and suggested there should be a difference in age grouping.

“I’m not saying pull the girls back but it is a fact of life that some of those boys will feel somehow that they are not achieving,” he said.

Last Sunday the 12 year-old charity celebrated their annual family luncheon and recognised the contributions of some of the 100 active members at the Sunbury Plantation House St. Philip.

Ninety-one year-old Bertie Morris, who was founding member of MESA, was awarded the Chairman’s Award for his dedication to the upliftment of the organisation and men, Boyce said.

Other awardees were: Joseph King, he received the Bradley Niles Award, the Wendell McClean Award went to Harold Nicholls. The Youth and Sports Award went to jockey, Jalon Samuel and Elviston Maloney received the Entrepreneur’s Award for the Physically Challenged. (KC)

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