Church contributes cents

Coordinator Nicole Hinds (right) delivering the cents to Pamelia Brereton.

Carrington’s Wesleyan Holiness Church on Welches Road, St. Michael, has contributed five buckets of cents to the Alzheimer’s Association Fund Raising Campaign.

On Sunday, President of the Association, Pamelia Brereton, attended the church’s morning service to receive the church’s contribution to the fund-raising drive which runs until the end of the year.

In a brief presentation, Brereton, who once lived in Canada, said she became involved in the Association after three members of her family came down with the illness.

She told the congregation that her mother, a 60 year-old grandmother, and a 51 year-old brother all fell victims to the degenerative disease. Brereton said that at the time of her grand-mother’s illness she was unaware that she was suffering from the dreaded disease.

“I would see her walking up and down the house talking to herself, but I was unaware that this was the initial stages of Alzheimer’s disease,” she said.

On her return from Canada, Brereton saw a need for a day care centre for persons suffering from the disease and she took on the challenge.

The President said she had recognised that Barbados was an ageing society and such a day care centre was necessary.

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