Bajans thanked for donations

The Central Bank of Barbados today thanked Barbadians for donating 3.8 million one cents in its efforts to recover 5 million of the coins.

The majority of the contributions, close to 2.7 million, were received on national collection day on September 21.

The Bank, Alzheimer’s Association and all three rotary clubs on the island are behind the initiative to collect the five million one cents to assist with the construction of a day care centre for sufferers of Alzheimer’s.

The Bank’s Public Affairs Officer, Novaline Brewster, said the organisers were very encouraged by Barbadians’ generosity to date, and urged all citizens to continue depositing their coins in the yellow bins located in supermarkets, gas stations, credit unions, media houses, telecommunications companies, insurance companies, small shops, stores, law firms, churches, and government offices around the island.

“I would also wish to thank the employees in government and the private sector for their support and contributions to the venture, thus far,” Brewster noted.

The collection drive concludes on December 31.

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