Stressing makes no sense

Driving to school, you sit in the early morning traffic, behind the nicest BMW, you just sit. You sit in your ’91 Corolla with the music down low, you sit there and think. You wonder how you are going to handle the situation between you and that jerk, who you thought was going to be a potential significant other. Thinking about the fact that he doesn’t want the things you want for you all, thinking about the fact that things were going so good, and now, all of a sudden this…

As young adults we often find ourselves worrying about the little things in life that we really shouldn’t stress about. I mean yeah, it’s true that sometimes we just can’t help it, but we need to learn not to let it get us down. Worry about whatever it is, and well, move on… doesn’t make sense stressing yourself about the little things, or the things that we really can’t control. Don’t spend more than a day or two going over the problem/situation in your head, after that, if nothing was resolved or it can’t be resolved, then, stop stressing about it! Duh! Common sense, no?


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