People too unsatisfied

We all know how it is when we really want something that we can’t get in the immediate future, as kids we rant and rave and throw tantrums, but as adults we’re more reserved and although we may not display it the disappoint is always prevalent within us. There is a big difference between the things we want and the things we need and often times the things we want have to take the back seat to the things that are priority and a necessity. However, the feeling of getting something that we’ve wanted for an extended period of time always causes the greatest elation imaginable. The joys of finally getting something that your heart longed for and desired, that feeling is always one that is indescribable.

But sometimes not to long after this feeling it fades away for humans are very unsatisfied beings and are often only entertained or are pleased with something for a certain amount of time. Not too long after all the excitement and fascination have gone away and mere boredom and dissatisfaction with the item appears. Something new quickly turns into something old and redundant. We as humans need sometimes to be satisfied with and treasure what we have.


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