Life isn't perfect

Here’s the thing… nothing in life is perfect. If it’s on my mind I’m gonna talk about and maybe you can relate. There’s no way that two people in a relationship will get along every minute of every hour of everyday of every week of every month lol. I think I got my point across.

This is how it goes. Sometimes you find yourself snapping for no reason which of course leads to a pointless argument, and when you really think back you’re like wth. Next is the rebuilding so to speak … the stupid small talk… wondering if everything is cool ….not sure if to try a joke or not lol, do they wanna see you? Allllll of these things start running through your mind.

But as I started by saying, nothing in life is perfect. Which means two people will never be perfect for each other; they just gotta want it really bad. This is what you gotta keep in mind. We’re human. Everyone has their own opinion and with varying opinions you gonna have disagreements sometimes.

So don’t mind those lil stupid arguments just always make sure you own up if you were wrong and get on with life. For those of you who read and get to the end… BB, text, tweet or call your ‘boo’ and let them know you love them.

As always I’m talking from experience. 😉


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