Caribbean butterfly

Desginer Janelle Forde in one of her pieces.

A stint on Mission Catwalk, Jamaica’s version of Project Runway, was what drove Janelle Angelique Forde’s conceptualisation of her label J.Angelique and a new line – Caribbean Butterfly.

The Trinidadian told Barbados TODAY, following the recent launch of her line in the twin-island republic, that it was a green poncho she designed for the show and its likeness to a butterfly that led her to research the creatures.

“I spent a couple months researching butterflies and developed the concept of Caribbean Butterfly,” she said, adding that her work represents “true Caribbean beauty, reveals self-confidence and effortless flair”.

“J.Angelique merges traditional conceptions of the Caribbean of bright bold colours, prints and patterns with new age designs, shapes and silhouettes. It is essential that this Caribbean brand ought to be highlighted, as it brings to the fore contemporary fashion with a touch of Caribbean finesse while stressing the importance of fashion to the development of the Caribbean.”

The reception to her line, she said, has been overwhelming and she is already looking to design a new project called MonDiva by J.Angelique Carnival Monday Collection. It is intended to bring fashion to the forefront of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival celebration.

In the midst of it all, even as the compliments and orders are coming in, Forde remarked: “Design is the easy element of this entire collection process and after you have conceptualised design, this is where the work begins: pattern drafting, testing of colours and garments, garment construction and the tweaking of ideas. Also of importance is public presence, financing, business management and developing relationships with stakeholders in the industry.” (LB)

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