Bringing young people together

This Friday, the youth of Barbados are expected to encounter a change in their mind-set when Xperience The Shift takes place.

Hosted by the Drug Education & Counselling Services, this conference’s aim is to bring together as many young people as possible to give them an opportunity to hear what the Spirit of the Lord has to say, Director of the DECS, Roger Husbands told Barbados TODAY.

“[It will help] them to make a shift in their mind-set, behaviour and spiritual walk with God, hence the name of the conference Xperience The Shift. The purpose is to help young people get a little more serious about life. Things are changing in the society and the atmosphere and there are issues of how to combat they will be worked out but through the word of God.

“We have a lot of struggling youth who come to church as good Christian children, they are struggling with masturbation, lying, sex and alarming numbers are dealing with homosexuality within the church. I wrote about it and got a lot of stick; there was story about a man who was approached by a young boy who wanted $300 to buy school stuff, as a father he felt sorry and gave him some money. But there are others who are also selling their bodies for brand name clothes; they are selling their bodies to eat and to survive- we want to get people to recognise this is happening,” he said.

The conference will be held at the Collymore Rock Church of the Nazarene, in St. Michael starting at 7:30 in the evening.

Speakers include Senior Pastor of the Word Alive Christian Centre, Pastor David Coulthrust, and Senior Pastor of the Kingdom Life Assembly, Apostle Selwyn Brathwaite. Many youth pastors and ministers from more than 50 churches across the island were expected to attend.

“DECS wishes to thank all its sponsors especially Pastor David Holder Senior Pastor of Collymore Rock Church of the Nazarene and his youth leader Michael Trotman for their support and commitment to the youth of this nation. We are expecting young people from every background, social economic status, race and nationality to attend all in one accord to hear the voice of the Lord,” Husbands said. (KC)

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